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Renson - Digital ventilation

How we created connected added value, transforming Renson's Healthbox

  • 1% installation efficiency gained

  • 1k units live in 2 years

  • 1 IOT device reflected in 4 digital products

About 75% of Renson’s turnover comes from products released in the last five years. It is an organisation driven by research and innovation. They understand the value of data to continue to improve their products and offering new services.

For their most recent ventilation system, Renson aimed to build upon the actual user data. Unlocking the local data would work, only if Made gave the user & installer a reason to connect the ventilation unit. The digital services we added to the hardware convinced everyone to join.

  • IF Design Award

  • German Design Award

  • UX Design Award

Different users Different touchpoints

A user centric design process led towards 2 separate ecosystems for both installer and end-user. Two ecosystems built around the same product but with different purposes and functionalities. Both consist of a seamlessly interacting mobile application and a web portal, splitting the actual usage and managing functionalities.

This connected ecosystem is a game-changer for both Renson and the ventilation market. It shows the future of Renson must be smart & connected.

Anneleen Vens, Head digital transformation Renson

How did we design these interfaces when all we had was data?

As we turned data into services, we turned air quality into something visible & manageable. How did we get there?

Our collaboration resulted in the launch of two digital ecosystems, but the initial goal was different. Our challenge was to identify and design connected added value for both installers & users. The closed data loop was only possible when there was a willingness to connect ventilation units and their data (humidity, CO2, odours).

Understanding the value chain spotting opportunities for data & users

How to start? Define and understand the users throughout every single step of the process. Visualise the value chain by looking through the lens of the users, the installers, the internal Renson stakeholders and influencers alike. Visualising the value chain and revenue streams also uncovered quick wins.

Customer journey mapping of Renson Health Box

Assume, test. Build, test. Create, test. Validate with everyone that matters.

Before ventilation got digital, Renson had no direct contact with its end-users. We embarked on this journey together as we tested assumptions, concepts and designs with different users and target groups.

Making sure we build contact and affinity with our new audiences, we involved installers & end-users to validate, assess and eliminate early-stage ideas and design proposals.

Many screens & one digital transformation, created on insights for our collaborators.

We used early-stage User validation techniques, helping in determining the relevance of all features and functionalities to define the scope before the design process starts.
Users & juries rewarded us with multiple international design & innovation awards, which supports our claim that our user-centric way of working leads to desirable & popular products.

Made Design Innovation Office

Involving everyone that matters Scoping & validating as never before

The process of user-centric co-creation taught us more than just which design to choose. It showed us how users think, approach ventilation and how we must respond as a company

Olivier Lambert, Marketing director

What is in it for end users

The insight: People spend over 90% of their life indoors, while indoor air pollution is an underestimated health risk because of a general lack of knowledge.

We designed & developed the user application in such a way; people without any air quality knowledge can use and understand it intuitively. Colour coded pollution warnings, conversational interactions and tangible tips on ventilation and visual graphs indicating the condition of all the different areas of your home and when to act.

  1. The notifications trigger awareness and focus on the issue for the user without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.
  2. The use of gamification and personalisation increases user interaction & intelligibility. It brings peace of mind as air quality management becomes accessible for all households.

The result: Made’s digital product team delivered an app that effortlessly informs you whether your rooms are healthy or not; it enables you to take control of the air quality in your home.

The Renson Healthbox 3.0 app

The HB3.0 application heads the new Renson digital brand language. The validated design language is implemented throughout all other Renson applications, forming a consistent family of mobile touchpoints, sharing user flows and design systems and continues building the Renson brand equity.

What is in it For professional installers

The insight: Installing ventilation solutions is time-intensive, including a multitude of repetitive patterns. We can streamline those through digitisation.

We designed a digital ecosystem for the professionals, to help them speed up a quality installation before and during the placement and simplify administration afterwards.

  1. Installers can calibrate and test systems remotely, without the need to run around the house for measurements.
  2. Their administrations can plan and communicate the work to their employees, following the installation progress online and deliver the output to the clients.

The result: Quality has never been so efficient: When professionals complete Installations, they gain up to 300% in time.

Renson Installer App

Guides the installer through the process, connects with the ventilation unit and simplifies administration drastically.

The impact of a full service partnership for Renson

The story of the Healthbox 3.0 goes beyond product delivery. It is a story of digital transformation, fueled by understanding, intense collaboration and mutual trust. We joined Renson to create value, on the verge of marketing and engineering.

The organisation benefits on different levels:

We might have started this journey as a quest for accessible data; it ended up being a digital transformation shaping business and fundamentally changing how Renson develops digital products:

  1. For the company:
    We introduced a new, customer-centric perspective on product development, involving the users throughout the design process.
  2. For the product:
    We co-created a unique digital ecosystem, built on data that was previously locked away on local installations.
  3. For service:
    This ecosystem offers new opportunities for future services & revenue streams; for example, professionals will be able to gain insights from a distance and even solve the problem from a distance.
  4. For marketing:
    Our designers, heavily engaged with all assets and messages, assisted in marketing materials for launch & promotion.

We like to be the right kind of complicated, testing boundaries to excite change. We are happy to be involved with a partner that appreciates our dedication and shares the drive for innovation. Expect more great things from the Renson team!

Product & service strategy team

How can you jumpstart digital offerings?

We gladly help you answer it. Come and chat with us for your personal approach.

  • Get your stakeholders in the room

    Test the waters with a few workshops, scanning the business: It raises awareness while we map assumptions on stakeholders and opportunities.

  • Create a scope and a roadmap

    With that information we can design the next step: We can choose to add digital to a product, to a portfolio or to the company, depending on the maturity.

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